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Aspen Academy is certified as an Eco-Healthy Child Care Provider by the Oregon Environmental Council. We follow all of their guidelines for a safe and environmentally friendly school. The program ensures that schools are as healthy as possible, for both the children and the environment.

This approach is reflected at our school in many ways, including our use of reused materials for art projects, use of approved cleaners, and how we care for our school environment.

Here are some examples of the Eco-Healthy Child Care program guidelines, in addition to other ways Aspen Academy is eco-friendly:

- - Cloth towels, rags, and napkins when possible - check out our homemade child-size cloth napkins!

- - Disposable dishware and utensils are not used.

- - Energy Star appliances throughout

- - Food scraps are composted with the help of our on-site chickens.

- - Plants and animals are cared for without the use of chemicals.

- - Hardwood floors are installed throughout.

- - Only non-toxic art supplies approved by the Art and Creative Material Institute (ACMI) are utilized.

- - All paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and plastic bottles are recycled and/or reused.

- - Non-toxic techniques both inside and outside the facility to prevent and control pests (both insects and weeds).

- - Biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products and least-toxic disinfecting and sanitizing products are used. When other products are required, they are used only for their intended purpose and in strict accordance with all label instructions. Cleaning products are stored where children cannot access them.

For more information: Eco-Healthy Child Care Program.