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Children learn through play. At Aspen Academy, children feel safe to express themselves in an anti-bias, multicultural environment where active play leads to active learning. We value each other’s lived experiences and are welcoming of each child and family into our community.

Aspen Academy also offers an environmentally-friendly and toxin-free learning space, both indoors and out.

Children are exposed to the values/principles of respecting the multilayered environment around them; from their bodies, to the classroom community, to our planet Earth. Concepts of sustainability, recycling, composting, and gardening are integral curriculum components at Aspen Academy. In addition, children can witness local foods in action compliments of our three on-site chickens [Phlox, Fern, & Buttercup].

Children’s awareness of multifaceted environments instills in them life skills for social and environmental responsibility and furthers their connections with family, friends, and community.

At Aspen Academy, children are provided with multiple opportunities for social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development. Through ongoing teacher observations and familial input, individualized, developmentally appropriate goals and objectives for the children enrolled in our program are created. The goals encompass all of the developmental domains and help prepare children for immersion into kindergarten and into life.

Children enrolled in preschool programs are beginning to understand that the world extends beyond them. At Aspen Academy we recognize that children are best understood within the context of their family, culture, and society. In addition, they are primarily sensory learners and need as many hands-on experiences as possible.

Therefore a sequential flow of curriculum throughout the academic year, starting with what children know and extending outward, characterizes Aspen Academy’s approach toward early childhood curriculum.

At Aspen Academy, children have myriad opportunities to “learn as they play,” through experiences in dramatic play, the science center, the sensory table, the writing center, and much more! Special activities play an important role at our school. 

Field trips and special visitors help support emergent curriculum and provide children with unique opportunities to learn more about their world.

At Aspen Academy, we believe that families are children’s first teachers. Your child is an individual who grows and develops within your unique family. Hence, we support families by having twice-yearly family conferences, family socials, and weekly newsletters.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning, but for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

~ Fred Rogers ~