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We highly recommend Teresa and her program at Aspen Academy for parents looking for an amazing preschool experience for their children. I am a graduate of the Human Development and Family Science program at Oregon State—which is where I first met Teresa as my Instructor at the OSU preschool program used as our practicum experience. I learned from watching Teresa in action; she has a gentle welcoming approach to interacting with preschoolers that both inspires them and allows each child to be a unique individual while also successfully working within a group setting. Her patience is unending and her approach is calm and consistent every time. She works hard to bring research based techniques to her classroom at the level of each individual child. Her classroom is organized, yet flexible and you will find that as she designs her weekly and monthly schedule she has taken each child’s interests and abilities in mind. When I found that Teresa had plans to open Aspen Academy in Bend we signed our 3-year-old son up immediately.

Aspen Academy is a bright, open, fun facility that is completely designed around 3 to 5 year-olds. My son enjoys his time at school and we have seen him grow tremendously over the past year with Teresa. We have also appreciated the time Teresa takes to share anecdotal information about our son at the end of each day and how she collects the information over each term to use in a personal parent-teacher conference. This helps us understand his strengths and areas for continued growth in the school environment and how we can better support him at home so he is more successful in school.

- Andrea & Chris G. -

We can’t begin to say enough good things about Teresa and Aspen Academy. Our daughter started at the preschool in January. It has been amazing to see how much she has absorbed in such a nurturing environment, whether it’s learning a new song, or simply learning how to use more constructive language to get along with others. It’s easy to see in our daughter’s interactions and behavior that she is experiencing a quality early childhood education. Teresa is very organized and the curriculum is purposeful and creative. Our daughter has flourished with the small class size and has been known to say, just after coming home from Aspen Academy, “Is tomorrow a school day? I love school!”

- Chelsea & Dave P. -

Every day we are grateful for Aspen Academy. Our daughter has grown in so many ways since she began two months ago. She is excited to go to school in the morning and comes home full of stories about all the new things she discovered that day. Teresa and Aspen Academy provide an environment where our daughter is free to explore. Her curiosity and desire to learn is embraced and encouraged! We are confident that our daughter is gaining the first building blocks necessary to be happy, confident, and successful in her life.

- Elizabeth & James M.-

Teresa provided a great starting point for our son Miles. He loved going to her preschool class. She had learning centers set up so there was always a place for our son to go whether he was in a calm, quiet mood, or whether he wanted to be in the middle of the action. During the middle of the school year, Teresa came to us with a concern about our son's speech. She pointed out specific instances and examples to demonstrate her concern, which we immediately recognized. Teresa helped us through the steps of getting him set up with a speech therapist. Our son is now a thriving third grader and we owe a lot of his love of learning to the gentle beginning he had with Teacher Teresa.

--Kristal & Andrew L. --